Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer 2013: Chapter 1

Hey blog, wanted to quick post today with a few notes for future reference since looking back at the notes from winter break have been pretty helpful/refreshing

Some quick things:

  • Generate finished content on a daily basis.  Studies and sketches are good, but too much of it leaves you directionless and creating finished work gives you that direction and are landmarks of your progress (remember ACEN 2013)
  • When cafe sketching, an easy way about thinking of character is knowing what they are doing and how are they feeling about it/overall attitude.
  • Even when sketching, try to think a few steps ahead of the phase you're doing.  For example, when doing the initial linework/gesture, imagine what the drawing would look like completely rendered and finished to give the gesture more direction (like how we think a few notes ahead with music, or driving the car analogy)
  • Form is created through contrast and requires at least 3 different values
  • Think about squash and stretch in cafe sketches
  • Observe, and enjoy the process
  • Always keep your mind on your work, not work on your mind... or else you'll go crazy
  • Set goals for yourself one at a time.  Setting too many often becomes too much to handle and leaves yourself disappointed
On a side note, I started a tumblr to keep updated with friends and other artists I admire since it's becoming such a big place for sharing work.  Really motivating seeing my stuff reblogged and get some attention by complete strangers.

On a side side note, I'll be at ACEN 2013, so here's some prints I made since I got back home

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