Saturday, August 27, 2011

Self Portraits

Finished the self-portrait a few nights ago as I promised.  Still far from perfect, but I'm really seeing improvement over the previous one I did in June.  Even though visualizing the 3-dimensionality / volumes my skull and facial muscles made a huge difference, I ran into the same problems that my first portrait gave me: I tried drawing the face turned in a slight perspective, but as I kept added more detail, it eventually mutated into a direct front-view, distorting the proportions of the left side of my face (the right side from the viewers' POV).

Even though I would really like to try again, I feel like I should really hammer in my understanding into the rest of the human body.  I really enjoy drawing faces and portraits (especially on the train) but it's beginning to feel like a crutch / paralysis since it's the thing I'm almost always drawing and it's the one piece of the human figure that I'm most comfortable and confident that I can (semi-)accurately portray.

I'm also behind on my still life drawings, which I will be another big focus for the upcoming week.  I still  feel behind on the portfolio....  But for now, it's off to build 2 more sacrums before class on Tuesday, one of which will be from memory again.

June 2011                     August 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Updates and Epiphanies

Hey blog, long time no post

Recently completed my first sacrum from memory and will be learning how to properly convey it on a flat surface in my sculpture class soon, so I'm pretty excited.  I would've liked to post a few pictures of it, but my phone's been acting up and that's pretty much what I use for my camera.  I also would've liked to do some kind of comp of my figure drawing and train drawing stuffs since the summer is nearing a close, but doing so is pretty time-consuming by using my crappy scanner.  I'll have to get around to it eventually since I'll be visiting Ringling in less than a month!

In addition, I've realized I've completed a little more than 3 of my mobile sketchbooks.  Not sure if this is a good or bad amount since I've heard Glen Keane finished 3+ sketchbooks in a day not long after he graduated.  Then again, I'm comparing myself to Glen Keane, so how do I approach this?  Gonna shoot for one more completed sketchbook before the fall arrives.

On a very important side note, a new friend directed me to the Ringling forums at  Been reading through there when someone pointed out something very obvious that I feel I have been completely oblivious too: drawing and understanding are one and the same.  When we draw, we are also conveying what we know about our subject... to draw is to understand.

To draw is to understand.

I've been repeating this to myself every time I draw.  This combined with the sculpting class, I've been feeling progress in my work.

Also going to squeeze in a self portrait tonight... possibly an all-nighter.

Just letting you know I'm still alive, blog.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Figure Studies

Taped a few analytical figure drawing notes into my sketchbook and have been implementing them.  Did some quick scans and feeling some improvement.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspiration from the Long Haul

Back in early 2009, I discovered Nick Pitera's thesis film from Ringling.  I was a senior in high school and it was the first time I'd have ever heard of the college.  Within seconds, I fell in love with its visual quality.  I saw that all of Ringling's shorts had a similar cinematic calibur and could hardly contain my excitement at the possibilities of creating such worlds.  I was however already committed to study at Columbia College and soon learned that not all animation programs are equal in quality...

After a semester of gaping disappointment in Columbia's animation program, I found Lindsey Olivares' thesis (from Ringling as well) and fell in love with the visual storytelling power of animation all over again.  These are just two of my favorite Ringling shorts, which I use to fuel my fire for portfolio building to finally get to Ringling after three years of dreaming (and counting).

However, hope and inspiration are useless without the willpower and discipline to persevere and sacrifice.  Time to get back to work.

Fame and Fortune - Nick Pitera

Anchored - Lindsey Olivares