Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time Machine

WOW... it's been a while.

There's so much that's happened since I last posted.  Reading through this journal is surreal - I kind of don't recognize myself but... still do at the same time.  Miss writing openly like this.  At any rate, I thought it'd be fitting to have this all come full circle:

Since the birth of this blog, I wrote so feverishly about wanting to go to Ringling.  A LOT has happened between then.  I graduated back last year in 2016 where I collaborated with a good friend, Sana Srinivasan for senior thesis.  And... here it is... the culmination of everything...

Right now I'm writing a book about how we made the film, so I won't go into detail about this work like I have for any other post I've made.

After graduation, some other dreams came true (that may or may not be foreshadowed by another post in this blog).  More on that later... but yeah...

I fucking did it.

I fucking did it, guys.


Thanks for the wild ride, everyone.