Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finishing content plus more notes

Just trying to keep the momentum going by generating finished content on a daily basis.  Below are some more notes I'll be updating throughout the day and a more illustrative drawing I made as a graduation card for a buddy of mine.
  • If you procrastinate, then you are delaying yourself from reaching your goals
  • Pencil and pen sketches use a lot of leading lines to create appeal (but don't forget that the base of the drawing are shapes, don't just draw and focus on lines)
  • During the gesture, don't just throw lines everywhere but emphasize the shapes and anchors that describe the pose the most
  • Don't forget that values, esp. on forms, need to contrast from one another, even when they're not close to the focal point (remember the mid stages of rendering on the ghost girl's hat and bow below)
  • Thinking and analysis are good, but never forget to trust your intuition
  • Don't forget about figure/anatomy, even with caricatures
  • When in doubt, turn it diagonally
    • Figure = what anchors your drawing in believability
    • 2D Design = what makes your composition appealing to look at
    • Perspective = the same definition as figure, except specific to depth

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