Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Personal Drawing Notes - May 23rd, 2013

Just more misc. notes that I'll be updating throughout the day for me to refer to for future use since previous entries have been pretty helpful

  • Use tangents to your advantage (ie. creating bold powerful shapes, leading lines.  Refer to Bobby Pontillas)
  • Every stroke either works for you or against you - try to communicate your pose with fewer lines (remember Ryan Woodward)
  • When reading an image, the eye rushes through areas filled with negative space and slows down in areas drawn with more detail
  • Don't force techniques if they're not working.  This can be frustrating since they might have worked so nicely the before, but it's a sign that it is time to learn something new and apply it alongside older techniques.

Applying today's notes - portraits have been a favorite warm up

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