Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Train Drawings: Day #1

About a year ago, I first started life drawing on the 20 minute train ride I take everyday to school.  I was far from being a confident draftsman (and still am) - people would look over my shoulder and my subjects would often catch me drawing them.  Nonetheless, it was the perfect opportunity for practice since everyone is sitting and standing so still, listening to their ipods, reading the newspaper, or even just day dreaming.  I drew enough that it eventually became habit, and to this day it is something that I proudly practice.  I intend to upload all of my future drawings on this blog, whether they be good or bad.

For today, my main goal was to capture the personality of the person.  Due to my own family situations, this was my first time really drawing in over a month, so that goal might have been a bit ambitious.

After looking at these again, I feel that this first image fails since there really isn't much emotion evoking from him.  Just sort of a blank stare and nothing more.  Other than the exaggerated parts of his face such as the nose and eyebrows, there really isn't much to reflect and write about.

However, this drawing definitely feels more successful.  Her subtle smile, the tilt of the head, and the mild delight in her eyes really make it look like she's pleasantly listening to her boyfriend talk on the other line.  That's my take anyway.