Sunday, May 13, 2012

Midnight Character Design Challenge - The Barbarian Huntress

Have to take a slight hiatus from the 30 Day Drawing Challenge due to house remodeling, Mother's Day, and preparing an art/animation/art school presentation for current students at my old high school, but I did get to host another Midnight Character Design Game over Skype Friday night.  We had our largest session yet and admittedly, my attention was pretty divided between drawing this and hosting the event itself since there were so many people to tend to.

But, ironically, I think this turned out to be one of my better entries - the premise for this round revolved around a Barbarian huntress.  My drawings have always been so stagnant since I've been really keen in understanding the character's unique construction, shape, and form before posing it (then end up running out of time as a result).  This time I decided to approach it with some thumbnail silhouettes, giving me the most important shape information and freeing me to take things from there.

Concept-wise, I ended up focusing on her fascination of mortality, so I added red paint to her arms and face, which also brought out out her barbaric side and as a bringer of death as a huntress.  I also gave incredibly large, bushy hair that nearly doubles as a cape, which made her appear larger and intimidating while still allowing her body to remain light-framed, feminine, and mirroring her prickly exterior personality.  I also focused on drawing a portrait with the intention to capture the drama of her inner conflict within the story ("Are they right? Do I really deserve this?  Do I really have what it takes to become a leader?")

Drawing wise, contrast is still ass, but I can see progress being made.

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