Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chattin and Drawin

Even though I've already chosen to attend Ringling, I've also been keeping in touch with some cool cats that are incoming to CalArts.  The Midnight Skype Drawing sessions have been especially helpful for all of us to draw with one another, so watching it become a place that bridges people from Ringling, CalArts, and Columbia together AND as a hub for us to bounce our passion (especially with people our own age, despite that we opted for different schools) has been very uplifting.  

Lately, Skyping with them while drawing has been my new thing of keeping the midnight oil burning.  Got some nice feedback that I've been neglecting my values and contrast (I feel like I've been too focused on line and perspective too), so that's the next thing to tackle.

Been also turning to Pixel Lovely a lot lately since figure drawing isn't as available in my area and I'm still hammering my financial plan for school.  I'm most likely going to put animating my short on the back burner to focus on scholarships, which I have also been skimping on lately...

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