Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WIP: Sully Paint in Color

Got a little adventurous today and started doing some Photoshop paint in color - this time it's Victor Goddamn Sullivan.  I'll finish Drake later on, but just compare this first-and-a-half-ish pass of Victor with my first pass of Drake back in January.  Things are coming with a lot more ease after going back to fundamentals, so drawing's been a whole lot more fun.  I'll definitely go back to them again.  I've also learned that it's ok to take breaks from pieces.  I usually try and do everything in one sitting, but it's been pretty beneficial to take a step back whenever I feel like I'm getting to the point of noodling, then returning to draw with a fresh mind.

And after finally getting accepted into Ringling's CA program, my overall goal throughout the next few months is to just improve myself... draw better and faster.  It's a pretty broad goal, but I hear they work you harder there than you get worked in the industry, so I need all the practice I can get before heading into the fray.

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