Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Color and Palette Character Study

I revisited the animatic I was making about a year ago to finally make tweaks and fix the ending.  It was then I thought that I haven't been doing anything too creatively and I've been all about technical skills as of late.  Now that I've spent the past year honing in my drawing and also that I have a few months of downtime before freshman years starts (still deciding between CalArts and Ringling), this is the perfect time for me to apply those technical skills and actually complete it - fully animated and polished.

It's definitely going to take me some time, but it'll be another matter of perseverance.  This is the first time I've started drawing the boy since then, but here's a bit of the main character's color study and palette.

He looks a little too much like me, I think.  Well, the best place to start is from yourself... as they say.

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