Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Now that applications are out of the way, I've had 3 things on my mind

  • Keeping up with drawing
  • New job back in Wisconsin
  • Scholarships

I won't hear back from Ringling or CalArts until March, but acceptance is still just the first step - gotta focus on finances.  I'm mainly staying in Chicago because of George's class and because the city has all the resources I needed for my portfolio, but I'm really aiming to move back home to Wisconsin since it will save the most money in the long run.

It's simple enough, but still easier said than done.  I'm quite frustrated right now because I'm job and scholarship hunting again, which is really paralyzing my drawing workflow.  I've been drawing when I really should be filling out job applications, so I'm trying to self-discipline myself and adjust myself to priorities (I deactivated my facebook account too to prevent further distraction).  All the podcasts I've been listening to have also been stressing the importance of being financially first, then you can do your drawing.  I'm just so worried that I might somehow forget what I've learned in the process...

If I can make it till March, I think I'll get that kick in the pants I need once I hear the results because everything revolves around that big, "IF I get accepted..."

I might not be posting anything here for a little while now because of it, blog.  Thought I'd give the courtesy of letting you know.

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