Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work in Progress: Still Life #3

More still life coaching from the awesome JoAnn Kang - this time reflective objects.  I'm soooo slow though... nearly 10 hours in and still not done.

  • Be cautious of how you move your arm when taking measurements for blocking (specifically within the z-plane).  I spent an embarrassing two hours just trying to put my blocking down correctly because of this.
  • Don't start too dark when rendering - gradually increase/add the contrast as you go along
  • The more intense brights/darks will be in the foreground - most lights/darks in the background should not be more intense than ones in the foreground
  • There are four different types of basic composition - rule of thirds, triangle-shaped, circle-shaped, and s-shaped
  • Charcoal is a very forgiving medium - also rely on rubbing away marks with a paper towel rather than always using the eraser
  • Be wary that there are also shapes in reflections and shadows

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