Friday, July 15, 2011

Studying Form from Bones

I've been studying bones & drawing three-dimensionally via clay lately in a quest to understand true form and structure.  The practice is based around Da Vinci's own studies to gain a more intellectual insight to the human body.  Our class begins by building sacrums repeatedly until its structure is burned into our minds, thus being able to build bones from memory (and even blindfolded).  Some epiphanies so far include...

  • Being wary of not just shape, but also volume
  • That all movement of the human body is rooted in the skeleton
  • All skeletons have their differences, so we should not rigorously study from a single image
  • Stop getting caught in details!  The structure is the goal

I'm only a month or so into the class, but this has already been a big help in grasping my figure & gesture drawing skills.  I've been building solid sacrums weekly and am about to attempt one from memory.  In addition, I'm also working on my first hollow sacrum.

Sacrums & hip bones... not chocolate

Developing the hollow sacrum... also not chocolate

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