Friday, October 26, 2012

Animated TurnAround

One cool thing I've seen upperclassmen here at Ringling do is upload animated process/pass gifs of their illustrations.  I don't have any passes recorded like theirs, but I thought I'd get in a similar spirit and take an older model sheet I made from the beginning of the summer and edit it into an animated turnaround.  The feet are a little twitchy, but overall I'm surprised I was able to keep its form and structure consistent enough back then since that's a bigger struggle of mine.

Tylermon, Digivolve to...


  1. Tehe! The face is so cute.

    If it helps, some stuff might look twitchy 'cuz your character is sliiiightly in perspective (from above) while your guidelines are for viewing straight on.

    I think. Don't quote me on that. Totally feel your pain with structure, though! That's stuff it TOUGH.

    nice job =u=b+

  2. impressive! i should try something like this too.