Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Live & Learn from the Works of Yesterday

Cutting myself off (rather than working things to death), and moving on seems to be the golden lesson from this year.  EXAMPLE: Learning from the mistakes from the last DFA assignment on knowing what constitutes cleaner line work was much easier to identify after allowing myself to fail on a few fronts.  Anywho, below is the final design for the self-portait Lip Sync caricature that we'll be putting through the whole animation pipeline next semester.  


Also, story class had us develop a 'High Concept' idea into an animatic.  It's not perfect, but I did like what I got from the overall evocative rhythm that the story progresses through.

On a side note, we worked with a few local actors from Florida Studio Theater on this project to help figure out specific acting beats for a specific snippet of our stories.  What was interesting is that they would make the most out of a rough 10-second story moment and stretch it to be as long as one minute (while of course feeling incredibly natural).  Started thinking about how smart it is in regards to thesis prep how Ringling has been disciplining us to keep our Animatic time low so we don't kill ourselves later in the animation phase, especially when we want to milk a key moment or two...

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