Monday, January 21, 2013

"Master the Bouncing Ball"

So we're almost at the third week of the new semester and so far I'm both enjoying and making much more progress than the fall's!  Still working in traditional mediums so I don't have much shot, but here's two misc. assignments I happen to have at the moment that I'll dump my thoughts on:

LOA:  Took the line of action from one of our figure drawings and reinvented new poses over it.  Learned how lines bounce off of one another.  To engage my interest even more, I took a pre-existing video game character (Nathan Drake) and redesigned him under Sean Galloway's drawing style.  For the poses themselves, I simply wanted to keep them more dynamic.

Ball bounce with Overlap/Follow Through:  A few years ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting animator Aaron Hartline.  He critiqued my demo reel at the time and told me that, before anything else, master the bouncing ball (for he could tell through my reel of walk cycles and lip syncs that I have not).  For our Traditional Animation class, I strictly want to keep things on principles and technique in order to master that ball.  It's a simple animation, but I feel it's within these simple practices do we reap the most learning.

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