Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last night I attended Ringling's digital painting club, Dipsy.  There was a demo presentation done by the awesomely awesome Matt Howley and I also got to compete in a design challenge.  The competition was definitely intimidating, being only a first year going against multiple upperclassmen and the fact that I didn't know the competition was starting until halfway through the time limit, but go big or go home, right?

This week's subject was "The Fastest Dwarf."  I thought dwarves have such little legs but big arms, so I wanted him to move like a gorilla - combining speed without sacrificing his brutish strength


  1. Hey bro, interesting concept. Looks to me like this thing was once a statue or something, or a mud dwarf based on the color.

    Thinking of strength, I would imagine his upper body being extremely buff, whilst his lower half being smaller and softer.

    You should totes keep working on it, an interesting character design could come from it.

  2. I really liked your concept. Too bad you didn't have enough time but you can always come back to the sketch and try different things :)