Friday, April 20, 2012

Character TurnArounds

Still chipping away at my short and have been slaving on doing turnarounds for a while now... Wanted to do this before going back to boarding since I've been having difficulty keeping characters looking at least a little consistent on their model.  It was frustrating yet enlightening since I now realize how shapes within the characters turn by applying a little bit of perspective for guidance, plus doing the shape breakdowns have been especially helpful for recognizing the most important constructive and visual elements for the character.  Gotta still draw loose though, even when aiming for a cleaned up model.

TurnAround + other misc info for the protagonist
Meshed the breakdowns and the cleaned up version of this character together since it's easier for me to reference. 

I've been spending too much time on this now, though.  I have a few other turnarounds I have left to do but I think I'm going to break things up and see how well these hold via some simple animation tests.

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