Thursday, September 29, 2011

Self Portrait Emotion Chart

I was brainstorming some ideas to take a different approach to self-portraits and came up with doing a mini-emotions chart of myself.  It's been much more challenging than I initially thought... not just because I'm trying to make each drawing consistently look like me, but also because I'm dealing with raw facial expression.  Even if I were to nail each drawing with perfect form and proportion, I feel the slightest hitch from the expression within the brow, lips, eyes, etc can cause a drastic impact and falter the intended emotion.

I think I struggled a little too much with these... which means I need to study my facial anatomy.

I'm not really digging the quality... will re-shoot later (the charcoal combined with pencil makes light bounce off in a chunky way when I take pictures... need to figure something out =_=).

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