Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playing with Animation in Photoshop

As I'm nearing completion of my storyboards, I accidentally created this interesting (i.m.o.) loop when I was just blocking out the extremes for my character blinking.  I would definitely like to animate more in Photoshop, but that will have to wait until the summer.

Ps: Unfortunately, the only way I know how to upload an animated gif is through Photobucket, which for whatever reason hitches on the second pose.  I suppose this will have to do for now...



  1. KYLE, fix your volumes. Pretentious animation student out!

  2. I'm surprised you can tell the volumes are off since Photobucket uploaded it so twitchy. I also forgots to mention that these are loose drawings to see if the action fit within the animatic, but I'll show you at the workshop today. That's blogging for 2:30 in the morning for ya >.>