Sunday, March 20, 2011

Practice: Layering Animation in Maya

It wasn't long ago that I discovered that computer animation needs to be layered in passes in a similar fashion to traditional.  This was a step by step assignment for my Maya class where we had to follow a specific workflow, including saving multiple versions of our file.  I'm always so used to just "saving," rather than "saving as."  Like my previous post, this serves more as a note for myself to always be aware of this intricate process.

0:01 - 0:04   Third Pass
0:05 - 0:09   Eleventh Pass
0:09 - 0:14   Fifteenth Pass
0:15 - 0:20   Fifteenth Pass (Front)

This was accomplished by following the Learning Maya: The Modeling and Animation Handbook.  Not every pass is included in the video, but I believe the ones I did include serve as a well enough of an example for me to remember.   Since I was still adjusting to this technique, I didn't get to add any personality into his walk.  I do wish to come back to it.

On a side note, you might remember this little guy from a Sony short called The ChubbChubbs.  I obviously didn't make the rig, but I really wish he had a more intricate hand controller installed so I could add some overlap in his fingers...

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